PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS AND TIPS that will transform your life!

I am Zelina Backx. I live in Belgium (Europe) and work as a self-employed business coach for over 10 years when I learned it all “the hard way”.

I dedicate this site to all my friends and work-partners. You have free access to all my tips and tools to have more pleasure in working more efficiently and have more fun in your life. If you don’t know me yet and stumble upon this site “by luck”, feel free to offer me a virtual cup off coffee or something more, but only IF you find this info useful. Click Donate on the left.

On this page you’ll see a brief overview of some of theĀ tools I have tested myself over the course of many years and that have made my own work so much easier and my life so much more enjoyable.

If you want to get to know how to use all those nuggets of gold yourself, fill in your name in the upper left hand corner and I’ll send you all the details and links. I have compiled all my research work that have costed me blood, sweat and tears in a Free Productivity eBook and I’ll give it to you as a gift… for free. Take your chance to register now in the upper left hand corner of this page, don’t lose time because this is a limited proposal and I promise you’ll save time and gain money after examining my Free Productivity eBook. You have no risk…

I meet a lot of people to whom I give all these benefits, though only 2% will actually use them or some. However, it’s very stupid not to do that… why would you work let’s say one hour a day longer if you don’t have to because you can save so much time?

To start using all these tools is very easy to do… nevertheless, it’s also very easy not to do šŸ˜®

I have setĀ up a triple focus:

Get organized
Get protected
Get connected

Click here to find out how to get more things done… get organised.

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